BUKIT JUGRA (Jugra Hill)

Fly Like a Bird in Bukit Jugra

GPS coordinates :
Take off : 2°50'7" (2.8354)N; 101°25'4" (101.418)E - Elevation : 100 m.
landing : 2°49'57" (2.8325)N; 101°24'50" (101.414)E - Elevation : 11 m.

Take off :     Headwind facing south.

Paragliding is a very appropriate activity at this location.
Bukit Jugra Info

Many ships had tried, but all of them failed to reach the beaches that support the elevation which the locals called Cockle Hill. These late19th century navigators had been travelling for weeks along the Straits of Malacca, and each time they closed in, the shores sneakily moved backwards further inland, breaking these mighty armadas to yield frustration. The English wanted no more of this nonsense. So, they constructed a lighthouse on top of Cockle Hill. And from then on, deep in the night, when everything was still and the locals were all snuggled and asleep on their woven mats, a beacon of light would part the darkness looking for ships welcoming them to the shore.

The Sultan Abdul Samad mausoleum in Jugra.
And that is how the legend goes; and it goes on to tell the story of how the hill continued to bleed for 30 long days after the erection of the Sri Jugra Lighthouse. The waters surrounding it assumed the rusty-red colour of the cockles that resided there. Ironically, not long after the incident, the cockle population started to dwindle, and then they all disappeared.

But then again, this is all folklore, romanticised tales to spice up an event. Much of the earlier history of Malaysia was passed on by the 'penglipurlara' or storytellers. They frequented little villagers to update the people on important affairs. The more colourful the story was, the greater the crowd he would gather. Thus, his tales needed to be exciting. And never mind if it blurred the line between reality and fiction. And that is just why the coastal land could be cheeky and unwelcoming, and the cockles all died away without any logical explanation. After all, isn't inexplicable tales part of the mystification surrounding all legends.

Sights around the Town Jugra.
Today, people and not ships flock to Bukit Jugra (Jugra Hill). Right from the base of the hill, they jog all the way up the winding road in their cross trainers, carrying their bottles of water. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, scaling the hill for the ultimate cardio experience.

Bukit Jugra is away to admire the spectacular view of the Langat River
that cleaves the lowlands, winding and curling as it meanders
sinuously to converge with the river mouth.
Not all who visit Bukit Jugra are there for the exercise though. Young girls and their boyfriends, while on their brief recess from looking into each other's eyes, throw their glance away to admire the spectacular view of the Langat River that cleaves the lowlands, winding and curling as it meanders sinuously to converge with the river mouth. Nowhere else can Selangor boast a peak from which one can be inspired by such a spectacular landscape. Its picturesque panorama stretching into the horizon, reaching mountainous divides, and transgressing beyond the Straits of Malacca, and at times almost into oblivion.

If you are planning to venture into the unbridled Bukit Jugra, be prepared to lose some centimetres off the sole off your shoes from all that walking, be blown away by the sprawling scenery, and perhaps lose a few ringgit on the purchase of water and refreshments. Expect activity, because the main attraction here is just that; and this pretty much rules out a social call to see the master, the immortal lighthouse. Within its compound, all is unmoving, somewhat idle. Everything is silent. Only, and only if you listen hard enough, you might just hear the quiet and unimposing humming the lighthouse makes as its light goes round and round in a circular motion, day and night, night and day. A lonesome edifice, solitary and isolated within its neat compound that welcomes no visitors. 

Among the key activities like, paragliding.
The Location

The locations related to Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill) are represented by the shortest distances between two points on Earth and may not be nearest by road. For example, Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill) is located 16.7 kilometre from Petronas Pulau Indah Hwy (e). Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill) is located 16.8 kilometre from Indian Temple Pulan Indah Highway (w). Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill) is located 18.1 kilometre from Shops Jalan Kem (n). Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill) is located 18.5 kilometre from Recreation Club PKL. Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill) is located 18.5 kilometre from Park Jalan Depoh. Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill) is located 18.6 kilometre from Passenger Cruise Term Southport.

Crystal Crown Hotel 19.9km, Goldcourse Hotel 24.2km, Mutiara Klang Hotel 24.4km, Hotel Prescott 24.6km, De Palma Shah Alam (3-star) 27.4km, Hotel UiTM 27.9km, Quality Shah Alam Hotel 28.9km, Grand Blue Wave Hotel 29.2km, are places to stay (hotel, service apartment, inn) located near Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill).

Shops Jalan Kem (n) 18.1km, Market Southport 18.6km, Pasaraya Billion 18.9km, Tesco Port Klang 19.4km, Giant Kaw 4 19.7km, Shops Northport Business Centre 21.1km, Teluk Gong Night Market 21.8km, Giant Hypermarket Klang 23.3km, are places to shop (shopping mall, shop houses) located near Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill).

Ship Replica Port Klang 20km, Darul Ehsan Aquatic Centre 29.9km, Dataran Gemilang 30.3km, Dataran Rakyat 30.8km, Dataran Putrajaya 31.2km, Dataran Putra 32.5km, Sunway Xtreme Park 33.2km, Science Centre 33.3km, are places of interest (attraction) located near Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill).

KFC Southport 18.7km, Good Indian Food 18.7km, Bagan Hailam Seafood 19.2km, Tanjong Selera Rest 19.2km, Port Village Rest 19.4km, Sea Sky Rest 19.4km, Tanjong Harapan Seafood 19.4km, Medan Selera Northport 19.5km, are eating places (food court, cafe, hawker food) located near Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill).

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Park Jalan Depoh 18.5km, Kee Lion Fishing Park 19.4km, Tanjong Harapan Esplanade 20.1km, Park along Klang River 24km, Muslim Cemetery Kampung Rantau Pjg 24.8km, Chinese Cemetery 25.2km, Park Usj16 28.6km, Park Usj20 28.7km, are parks, playgrounds, open fields or commons located near Jugra Hill, Malaysia (hill).

History of Lighthouse Hill Jugra

Jugra Hill, located in Jugra, Kuala Langat, Selangor has its own unique character. Jugra is a town that overlooks the Straits of Malacca and near the Sungai Langat. The closest city is the City Jugra Banting with a distance of about 20 miles. Historically, during the reign of Sultan Abdul Samad, who ruled the state from the years 1859 to 1898, Hill has become a habitation Jugra Sultan of Selangor at the time. Among the tourist attractions in Bukit Jugra to date other than Selangor royal family tomb is known as the lighthouse Lighthouse Hill Jugra. Jugra Hill Lighthouse 146 meters tall was built in 1976 and administered by the Malaysia Maritime Department. Function of the Malaysian Maritime Department is enforcing the law and order under any federal law in the Malaysian Maritime Zone. In addition, the department conducted air and coastal surveillance and control and prevention of maritime pollution in the seas. 

Function once the lighthouse is to allow the browser to the merchant or the entrance into the harbor, especially at night. However, the lighthouse is no longer used and was used as the material of history for present and future generations. As well as the history of its own, Jugra Hill has always been a focal point for viewing and Lighthouse Hill Jugra know better. Stately lighthouse provides a thousand and one advantage to the visitors, especially to fans of history. Jugra Hill history lovers as well as the choice of Jugra Hill Lighthouse, also held air skating activities involving the participation of eight members of the Recreation Club Utusan Malaysia (KRUM) Air Skating Association of Malaysia (Plum) at 19 and 20 June 2010 ago. Flying high in the air above the height of Lighthouse Hill Jugra 146 meters tall enough to give valuable experience of the participants, as well as to enjoy the scenery against the backdrop of the Straits of Malacca is so beautiful.

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