Lopo Blue River Chalet And Camp

Lopo Blue River Chalet and Camp is a place for family and school activities. Located adjacent to Lepoh river, guests promised to clean water and fresh bath and views of the beautiful flora and fauna. 
Our Chalet is not 5-star or 4 star, would be 3 star or 2 star not necessarily correspond directly, 1 star does not seem feasible as well. But to comfort the family vacation is complete you.

If you wish to experience the peace of the jungle, the sound of the river flowing quietly, coming to the Lopo was the Blue River.

Not happy to satisfy all people's hearts, but our relative price of first place is still the same and unchanged. Importantly, you do not have to worry about GST.

The main intersection to get to our camp.

Here we chalet environment.

 While the bath environment we are naturally.

Rates As Follows:
  • Chalet Rm 50
  • Chalet on the water Rm 80
  • Boarding a Rm 10
  • Booking hall, kitchen and catering can be negotiated.

Lopo Blue River Chalet and Camp (Sungai Lepoh)
Batu 22, Jalan Pangsoon 43100 Hulu Langat
Selangor Malaysia

Call us: +60173172640

Latitud: 3.220408
Longitude: 101.863833

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